Forno Cultura_brick counter detail.jpg


A 3rd generation baker and a 2nd generation designer + builder come together to create an innovative Italian bakery.

Just as our client prides himself on elevating basic ingredients into delectable and unique baked goods, this bakery interior transforms the humble elements of steel, wood and brick.

Throughout the design process, it was paramount that Forno Cultura’s customers have a relationship with the production of their food—an increasingly rare experience in this day and age. In response, Anomaly designed a glass partition running the entire length of the bakers’ workspace that integrates the customer into the production of their daily bread.

Forno Cultura is a working bakery in the truest sense of the word.        

There’s an integrity to the space—and Forno’s baking alike—grounded in the use of unassuming materials. Nothing hidden. Nothing contrived.                            

[design + construction management]

Forno Cultura_entrace street view.jpg
Forno Cultura_retail counter.jpg
Forno Cultura_glass wall closeup.jpg
Forno Cultura_glass wall.jpg
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Forno Cultura_shelf detail.jpg
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Forno Cultura_counter.jpg